Dear Family & Friends,


Just remember, you chose to come to this site!  My name is Troy Reese, and I’m still the only one that approves of this letter.   Believe it or not, Marci and I are still tiny living in the podunk town of Liberty Hill outside of Austin.   However, we cleared out some trees about 50 yards further away so my Mom can’t see me take advantage of the benefits of peeing outside.  However, we are close enough to leave the “grand-dogs” with them when we leave for our many adventures.   To that end, we decided to change travel trailers towards something that we could actually tow in case we needed to skip town in a hurry.  As a result, we have now gone from a 4600 sf home, to 1700 sf apartment to 510 sf 5th wheel to a 200 sf Airstream.   (although, the Airstream did cost more than our first house!)  Occasionally, I like to introduce Marci as my first wife, and if I don’t stop downsizing that may become a sad reality.  Next stop is a van down by the river.  Actually, other than biblical flooding that makes living on dirt miserable, it has been great.  Our little oasis is coming together and we love chilling outside at the end of the day where I get to lament about all the stupid people who refuse to make America great again.


Meagan is still living in LA pursuing her dreams of acting and singing.  She has been advised that she would have better success if she were a foreigner and/or a lesbian.  Dad is thrilled that she is holding to her beliefs to avoid the latter, though I don’t understand why she doesn’t qualify as a foreigner being a Texan living in California…that state is so foreign to me I can’t even stand it.   Meagan is still dating Dylan and his calming demeanor somehow compliments her dramatic nature and they surprisingly make it work, which is great because we really like the “Dill”!  I don’t see how two dramatic people can ever survive together, especially being in an environment that actually has “pansexuals”.   Google it!  Good Lord, people get ready, because Jesus is coming!  Occasionally she will surprise us with some music on Instagram that is awesome and leaving anyone who hears it wanting more.   But I guess she needs to change her values and come up with lyrics about killing cops while complaining about people who have guns to be discovered.  To keep mom and dad from living in that van by the river, Meagan works two jobs as a nanny, which somewhat helps with her negative cash flow, as well as squash the desire for children any time in the near future.


Regarding Peyton, if in fact that is still his name…there is so much that we aren’t allowed to know about his job and/or he refuses to share.  We know he is in San Antonio and he works on stuff for other people who ask him to do things.   He is taking classes and learning things to do more things.   Peyton desperately wants to get a transfer and travel the globe.  I don’t understand the need as living in San Antonio is essentially like living in Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala.   We do know that he was able to take a boondoggle to London this summer for ten days where he participated with other members of the U.S. Air Force in a soccer tournament.   The U.S. team lost early, and he was recruited by British Special Forces (was staying on their base) and they ended up winning the tournament.   He played five games in three days, bruised some ribs and loved every minute of it.  He was even pulled out into the nightlife to experience some pints.  He vows to be able to go back as he loved Europe and claimed that the place just makes sense.   His language was much saltier than mine.  (Marci says acorn…tree.)  He is single again and counting the minutes for his next promotion so he can move off base and hopefully gain access to a separate personal life.   Mom hopes that is in San Antonio, but there is a chance it will be East of Florida or West of California.


Marci turned 50 this year and pictures indicate that she finally made it to Marci Gras in New Orleans.  We came back with our weight in beads and we would have had more if it wasn’t for me flashing to obtain them.   She also got her “she” shed and if I ever see Chip and JoJo I will punch them in the face.  I am so sick of installing shiplap.  Fortunately, we ran out of money so I have a bit of a reprieve.   She continues to have great success with upholstery and furniture refinishing, but unfortunately it just isn’t contributing enough to the endless need of supporting Meagan’s California life.    So, she has been actively looking for alternative income and hopes to land something with a bigger paycheck.  



For me, I am still at GE Healthcare, though the reasons why are becoming less obvious.  The job is great despite the bad press, but the opportunities are just not commensurate with the work.   In Peyton’s words, I may or may not be looking to run to something better in 2019.  Another option is that I may just live in that van by the river and sell burritos and beers to the illegals who swim and trespass on our property.    It is funny that we started tiny living because we wanted to, but now I’m glad we are and so is Meagan!   The good news about living in Liberty Hill vs. Austin is there were far fewer Beto signs and that we are away from the idiot decisions being made by the re-hired Mayor who is trying to turn Austin into Texafornia. #Secede!    


For those of you that have endured the entirety of my rant/annual letter, let me just say that we are blessed to walk this path together and thankful for you, our family and friends.   May God bless us all, and may we all participate in making America Great Again.    Merry Christmas!